Friday, July 17, 2009

Saulsilito Film Festival - Aug 22 sat @ 7pm

Haven't checked in a while, the HP screening was amazing. I had such an awesome time and met so many great people. It was really cool to see former counselors of mine such as Daren Anixter and Adam Boehm. Both said that they thought my portrayal of me in the film (the animated dude) was completely false. They remember as a quality athlete. Impressions of ourselves are often different than reality. It was cool to hear them say that.

It was also amazing to have old timer Ojibwa guys come up to me after the screening with tears in their eyes telling me how much they loved the film. What an experience. I'll never forget it. I also met Harold Ramis in the lobby of the theatre and gave him a copy of the film. If you see him, tell him to watch it and email me.

By the way, if you live in California, come out to this screening of the film:
Aug 22 sat @ 7pm, film will be playing at the Saulsilito FIlm Festival.
Email me if you are coming so we can grab a beer/coffee/soda.